Artwork by Kate Heegaard Hartfiel

Kate Heegaard Hartfiel has always drawn, painted and made jewelry. “As a little kid I would draw on everything,” she says. “I would add more pictures to picture books. That didn’t go over very well…” Kate’s current work involves the classic image of the cowboy in silhouette using acrylic paint on canvas.

A Minneapolis native, Kate has been contributing art to Art4Shelter for four years saying “I love the cause and the creativity of the event.” Kate considers each painting a new artistic journey. “I strive to create a sense of balance and movement with each composition. There is an innate interplay between the organic flow of color and light and the straightforward and iconic image of the American cowboy.”

She identifies with art that is contemporary, bright, and uncomplicated and pursues the theme of wide open spaces in her work.

Kate received her BA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Spring, New York. She previously worked as a paralegal in Boston and as a foundation consultant in Minneapolis. Her studio is located in the Casket Arts Building in the Northeast Arts District in Minneapolis. You can see more of her work by visiting raincollective.com or by making a viewing appointment at her studio.


Artist Feature: Kate Heegaard Hartfiel