Larry Welo
Artwork by Larry Welo

Larry Welo’s mother came from Norway and filled his childhood home with paintings, weavings and Norwegian crafts. This strong influence led to, what he describes as an “intense interest” in art. In college, Larry realized art was destined to be his career.

“My artwork has always been inspired by places that I see frequently,” Larry says. Originally from Hibbing, Minnesota, his etchings took on an urban theme for the 18 years he lived in Minneapolis and after a recent move to Madison, his art has been inspired by the driftless landscape of southern Wisconsin.

This is Larry’s fourth year contributing work to Art4Shelter. “Homelessness should not be an issue in our prosperous country,” he says. His specialty is etching, an involved process where he uses a needle to draw on a copper plate before dipping the plate in an acid bath to remove the wherever a scratch was made with the needle. Ink is applied to the plate and then a press is used where the ink is transferred from the plate’s etched lines onto the paper.

Larry is passionate about creating artwork while on location. Two of his etchings have recently been featured on book jackets published by Borderland Books in Madison and in 2009, his work was featured in a solo exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio. Over the years, his work has been shown in a variety of solo and group shows at fine art galleries in the United States and Europe. In Minneapolis, you can see his work at the Groveland Gallery. You can also view Larry’s work at


Artist Feature: Larry Welo