Artwork by Marilyn Jacobson

When Marilyn Jacobson starts a panting, she puts paint on the paper and then looks for what it will become. She prefers watercolors to acrylic because she sees the figures stronger in watercolors.

“I put the paint down and look for characters,” she says.

Children playing hockey on a pond, a father and son fishing, two women embracing; these are the characters that fill Marilyn’s canvases.

Marilyn’s been sketching all her life but got serious about painting 12 years ago when she retired. She’s a member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and the Northstar Watermedia Society and is thankful for the opportunity to grow as an artist. She’s even won a handful of awards for her artwork including a ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair.

Four years ago, when friend Laura Hanson invited her to submit artwork to Simpson’s Art 4 Shelter fundraiser, she jumped at the chance.

“I totally support the Simpson philosophy and their work in helping people live independently,” she says.

Marilyn joined the Art 4 Shelter committee shortly after that. She spent part of her professional career as a social worker primarily helping people with Alzheimer’s and still feels the call to help others. She spent one social work placement working with individuals with chemical and mental health struggles and her clients often had housing issues too.

“We worked so hard to keep them in stable housing. Housing is so important,” Marilyn says. “That’s why I appreciate Simpson’s involvement with the community.”

Marilyn doesn’t know what pieces she’ll be submitting to Art4Shelter this year, but she will be donating work. She’ll also be extending the invitation to artist friends of her, the same way Laura extended the invitation to her.

“I tell people about this amazing opportunity to support housing for homeless people. One piece of art is enough to provide shelter for a night and a few meals. That means something,” she says. “We might not be in a position to donate a lot, but we can do this.”



Artist Feature: Marilyn Jacobson