Artwork by Robin Westacott

Accountant by day, painter by night. Robin Westacott does both. Robin’s been a freelance CPA for 12 years and has been help Simpson Housing Services with contracted accounting work for about 7. But last year, she was inspired to learn how to draw and paint. She dove into becoming an artist and signed up for a painting class with Kat Corrigan, artist and Art 4 Shelter Committee Member.

Though Robin was nervous and new to painting, she submitted a few pieces to Art 4 Shelter last year. “It was nerve-wracking, because I’m new to painting, but the nice thing about Art 4 Shelter is that it’s easy, it’s nonthreatening. If someone likes the piece, they buy it,” she says.

Robin’s art is influenced by everyday things that surround her. Flowers in her garden, her cats. “It’s a nice excuse to slow down and pay attention to the details of my day to day life,” she says of painting.

For now, Robin is focused on painting with acrylic but she has a dream to improve her drawing enough to do urban sketching when she travels. “I think everyone should create art,” Robin says. “It’s about the process, not the output. You learn and you keep at it and you get better.”

And she’s thankful for the opportunity to contribute her paintings to Art 4 Shelter again this year. “The event makes the idea of buying original pieces of art accessible. Supporting local artists becomes a little bit easier,” she says.

Donating work to Art 4 Shelter also helps her make a difference. “Art 4 Shelter is able to raise so much money in one evening to support safe and stable housing that’s so needed in our community,” Robin says. “It gives artists without vast financial resources the chance to give back.”



Artist Feature: Robin Westacott